Core Team

Tim Breadin is Managing Director of RDF Contact and is responsible for its overall commercial operation of the company.  Tim set up Radar with Gary Monaghan and RDF in 2001, making entertainment shows such as Banzai, among many others. Previously he worked at the BBC and in the independent sector on projects as diverse as the Big Breakfast to Formula 1 for ITV, before moving into the digital and commercial sector over the last 2 years. Tim has started cycling in London again for the first time in 20 years and finds it both exhilarating and a bit scary.

Cathy Rogers is Creative Director at RDF Contact, overseeing multiplatform content, working with the Contact team and with the creative teams in all the companies across the RDF Media Group. Cathy has worked with RDF since 1996 in various guises – initially making science documentaries, then creating and presenting shows such as Scrapheap Challenge/Junkyard Wars and going on to run RDF’s LA office. When she’s not working, she’s producing exquisite Italian olive oil which is available at great cost or as bribes.

Simon Podd, is Head of Sales at RDF Contact, primarily responsible for seeking brand partnerships across RDF Contact’s portfolio of social media content properties including Unlimited, the new entertainment channel on Facebook (, Stardoll TV and Mumsnet TV as well as searching out new AFP and IPTV opportunities for the group as a whole. Prior to joining RDF Contact, Simon was head of sales at bebo, working as part of the team that pioneered and developed new advertising revenue models in which products and services are offered a sophisticated blend of plot integration, traditional product placement and on-network online advertising. Simon was responsible for commercializing the Bebo Originals including KateModern; Sofia’s Diary, The Gap Year and Samsung Beat by partnering with brands such as O2, Coca-Cola, COI, Orange and P&G. Simon has never felt the need to join a gym as he is likens himself to a mountain goat.

Garret Keogh is Cross Platform Director at RDF Contact focussing on delivering existing RDF properties onto digital platforms as well as managing a production team that works across all RDF Contact projects. Garret was Head of Digital Content at MTV where he managed the company’s broadband and mobile content offerings as well as all of the MTV UK websites. Previously he has worked at AOL and digital music start-ups.  He admits to spending far too much time online and alphabetising his CD collection.

Charlie Leahy is the Creative and Commercial Executive at RDF Contact, focussing on developing new online business opportunities, AFP opportunities for the RDF Group, commercialising RDF Contact’s portfolio of projects as well as finding creative solutions for existing brand partnerships. Previously, Charlie was Executive Producer for Endemol Digital Studios where he was responsible for the creation of projects including The Gap Year on Bebo and the award winning web-drama Kirill on MSN. Over the years Charlie’s career has spanned various genres of TV and online production including mainstream entertainment, music TV and interactive gaming. Charlie has a healthy obsession with pirates and owns an interesting collection of pirate memorabilia.

Charlie Campbell is an Executive Producer at RDF Contact. He oversees RDF Children and Family department’s digital properties including Waybuloo and Mister Maker. Charlie works with online publishes to offer Contacts production and sales skills to fund and deliver original video content. As a keen teenager Charlie worked on business and science documentaries but spent the mid noughties working on factual entertainment TV series in Los Angeles including Faking It USA and Full Metal Challenge. Early in his career he worked on CNBC’s breakfast news whilst juggling his degree at the LSE where he studied economics. He’s the proud tenant of plot 318 at Fulham Palace Allotment but struggles to germinate parsnips.

Bénédicte van Boxel is Account Director at RDF Contact. Her job is to ensure that the client’s expectations are met and their projects are executed accordingly to their objectives, budget and timeline. Prior to RDF Contact, Bénédicte was Account Director at Picture Production Company, a through the line creative marketing agency where she joined from BBC Broadcast. Before working across multiple platforms projects, Bénédicte worked in digital media agencies such as PixelPark and Razorfish.She loves cycling in London and practising kick boxing. But not at the same time.

Production Team

Phil Marriott is an Assistant Producer at RDF Contact.  He produces, shoots & edits video content for RDF Contact’s multiplatform projects.  Phil also names all of his houseplants after classical musicians.

Barry Pilling is the Online Editor of BBC Three’s Being Human blog, and writer of its accompanying online drama CenSSA.  Barry also uses the company website to promote his own YouTube channel which can be found at *cough* click it *cough*

Rich Lyman is Assistant Producer at RDF Contact. He describes himself as superstar editor and cameraman to the stars but in reality lives on a farm in Essex with pet rats called Thelma and Louise.

David Levin is a Producer at RDF Contact. He writes and produces content for Unlimited. However,Dave is better known as one-fourth of the band Stateless: a supergroup comprised of former members of Status Quo and Faithless. Prior to that he wrote puns for MTV, blogged about Alan Sugar and played bongos for Artful Dodger. Bo.

Klein Borrill is Researcher on Unlimited  on Facebook, he has also worked on other RDF Contact projects such as Renault and B-Box. Klein is said to have been the driving force behind The Beatles’ success but lost all creditability due to an addiction to Corn beef pasties.


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